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After Action Reports

Battle of the Bulge

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After Action Report

Date: 14 January 2012

Location: Camp Clark, Nevada, MO

Event Type: Tactical

Reporting Officer: Antonio Fuentes y Trabajando, Sargento/Cabo 1o, 250 Cia. Esquiadores


Our brave German comrades began an offensive to push and break Allied lines and win the war. The courageous guripas of the Legión Azul bravely took part in the offensive creating havoc on the American lines.

Beginning the assault into Recht, our soldados, along with comrades from Italy and Germany, attacked the Allied forces holding the village. Italian ski troops of the Alpine Division and German grenadiers of Grossdeutschland began the attack, drawing the enemy forces toward them and allowing our brave soldados to swing around to attack from behind, achieving almost complete surprise. During the hard-fought battle, the Russian devils had put up a strong defense, but the valiant guripas managed to break through and push into the town. Slaying the entire godless hoard, we, along with our comrades in arms, took the town and forced the barbarian enemy to retreat.

Wasting no time, the Kampfgruppe began to pursue the enemy, being checked by an isolated American unit making a stand at a small bridge crossing. Again the courageous Italian Alpini and German grenadiers pressed the attack while our heroic cazadores flanked the position and pushed the enemy toward their inevitable fate. Within minutes, the Americans abandoned their positions and retreated in confusion. With the objective secure, our forces set up a defense for the coming counter attack. The Alpini deployed across the bridge on the far side with Grossdeutschland to the left of the Spanish on the near side.

The Americans returned in force, just as we had expected. The selfless and valiant Italians managed hold the enemy as long as they could, but were driven back onto our main defensive line. The impetuous Americans of the 84th Infantry Division attacked head-long onto the bridge, with no regard or concern for the trap awaiting them. Choosing the opportunity perfectly, our steady and disciplined guripas opened fire, inflicting grievous casualties on the enemy as they crossed the bridge, sowing panic and confusion and stalling the Americans’ reckless attack. In vain, the Americans kept sending ill-coordinated attacks onto the bridge, but none were successful. Our brave soldados held as if they were “nailed to the ground.”

The defense of the bridge-head became untenable when the heathen and cowardly Russians, now reorganized and shamed by the Americans’ brave sacrifice, finally found their courage and outflanked our position. Our selfless soldados fought bravely and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy, but sustained many casualties of their own. The courageous soldiers of Grossdeutschland, the Italian Alpini, and our cazadores were forced to fall back to fight another day.

Antonio Fuentes y Trabajando

Sargento/Cabo Primero

250 Cia. de Esquiadores

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