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A World War II Living History organization depicting the Spanish Volunteer Division that fought on the Eastern Front.

After Action Reports

Battle of the Steppes

Posted by "Antonio" on February 28, 2012 at 11:10 PM

After Action Report

Date: 10 December 2011

Location: El Dorado, KS

Event Type: Tactical

Reporting Officer: Antonio Fuentes y Trabajando, Sargento/Cabo 1o, 250 Cia. Esquiadores


Arriving on the field of battle with colors flying, the men of Division Azul showed their audacity, letting the enemy know they were there and daring them to attack. The Spaniards linked up with the 352 Infanterie and received their orders. The German commander pointed out a suspected location of the enemy headquarters, so our brave guripas geared up and moved out to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy.

On their way to the objective, lowly Russian partisans made a feeble attempt to slow the guripas’ advance. The partisans made hit-and-run sorties that kept the Spaniards on high alert. These hit-and-run tactics hardly slowed up the guripas, however, as they advanced toward the objective. All of the partisans that stood against the guripas were killed or captured, thereby preventing them from warning their comrades of our approach. A soldat of 352 Inf. scouted ahead of the Spanish and confirmed the location of the enemy command post.

The guripas sent men to the east and west to catch the unprepared Soviet horde in a double envelopment. The western assault force was confronted with an open field that had to be crossed in order to close with the Russian devils in hand-to-hand. While under covering fire, the heroic Spaniards advanced one by one across the field. Some of the esquiadores found cover behind a large, round hay bale, but found it hard to move from behind it to continue the attack as the Red Devils reacted quickly and laid down a withering cross-fire, effectively halting the Spanish attack. Improvising, the Spaniards began to roll the hay bale all the way up to the edge of the enemy camp then sprang out from behind it to catch the astonished Russians off-guard and dumbfounded. At nearly the same instant, the eastern assault force, having circled around completely undetected, began their attack from the south. Collapsing under the combined assault, the enemy was scattered and routed, their HQ was utterly destroyed, and vital intelligence was collected.

Once the enemy HQ was secured, the brave guripas, joined by men of the 352 Inf., raced toward a bridge crossing to block the enemy retreat. The men gathered on the far side and dug in for a heavy fight. Soon, Hades’ minions tried to cross the bridge. The valiant men of Germany and Spain repulsed every futile human-wave attack that was launched, capturing the enemy’s colors in the process. But every attack took its toll and eventually the men were forced to fall back to other defensible positions. Desperate to retrieve their colors and low on ammunition, the pursuing enemy launched a reckless bayonet charge against the esquiadores, who fought as if nailed to the ground. The heroic men of Spain and Germany pushed the heathen Red Army off the field, preventing them from breaking the line.

While our casualties were heavy, the enemy suffered far worse. The initial enemy force was almost completely destroyed and several reinforcing units were severely mauled, rendering them combat ineffective for some time in the foreseeable future.

Antonio Fuentes y Trabajando

Sargento/Cabo Primero

250 Cia. de Esquiadores

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