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After Action Reports

River Battle, 2012

Posted by "Sucio" on May 15, 2012 at 10:40 AM

After Action Report

Date: 28 April 2012

Location: Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, MO

Event Type: Public

Reporting Officer: Diego Martinez y Garza ("Sucio"), Sargento, 250 Cia. Esquiadores


Operating along a major river the enemy uses for supply and communication, our German comrades, scouting along our flank, were assaulted while searching the ruins of an unknown village. Racing to the sound of the guns, the guripas of the Ski Company arrived in time to relieve the pressure on a platoon of Falschirmjagers. Backed into a corner of the village by the enemy attack, the brave German paratroopers did not have much time left. The glorious Ski Company quickly formed a skirmish line and immediately began advancing on the enemy's flank, catching them entirely by surprise. Caught in the middle of this devastating firepower, the enemy's first assault was quickly repulsed.

A second, more determined, enemy attack soon develped along the same line. The guripas quickly reformed and retraced their advance to find the enemy's flank. Again, they found the enemy surprised by such a maneuver, finding the guripas behind their own assault troops. The enemy, however, adjusted to this new threat and repositiioned a heavy machine gun to check the Spanish advance. Cazador Mono, seeing the effect of the enemy's actions, took it upon himself to deal with the gun. Charging into the enemy position, Cazador Mono fired a single shot and threw back an unexploded enemy grenade, killing one of the crewmen and damaging the machine gun. Before they could do anymore harm, Cazadore Mono had overrun the gun position and taken the gun and its stunned crew prisoner. It was at this point that Cazador Mono then chambered a fresh round into his rifle. With the loss of the machine gun, the enemy's attack faltered and collapsed. Among the prisoners was found a fugitive Spanish Republican who was soon dealt with by the guripas.

As the remaining prisoners were sorted, counted, and handed over to newly arriving German units, the main enemy attack approached the village. Taking up defensive positions nearest the enemy attack, the guripas held their ground valiantly, slowing down and stalling the attack until enemy reinforcements added sufficient numbers to overwhelm the Spanish defense. The adjacent German units continued to fight, not giving an inch of ground, but the superior numbers and firepower of the Allies was too much to withstand. All units, battered and bloodied, were ordered to fall back, form a new defensive line, and fight another day.



Diego "Sucio" Martinez y Garza


250 Cia. Esquiadores

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