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After Action Reports

Sinyavin II

Posted by "Sucio" on November 19, 2012 at 2:00 PM

After Action Report

Date: 27 October 2012

Location: Workman Farm, Fort Scott, KS

Event Type: Tactical

Reporting Officer: Diego Martinez y Garza ("Sucio"), Alferez, 250 Cia. Esquiadores


Once again, the Red Heathens attempted to breakthrough to the beleagured city of Leningrad. This godless horde was met near the small, deserted village of Alexandria by the brave soldados of the Ski Company and their dauntless comrades in 38 Jager and soundly defeated.

It was, by no means, an easy victory. The enemy fought hard and continued to pressure the thin gray line of guripas and soldaten. Only aggressive reconnaisance, steeled defense, and determined counter-attacks kept the communist dogs at bay. The issue was very much in doubt throughout much of the day as countless human-wave assaults were repelled with great loss upon the enemy. After driving off these murderous attacks, the Kampfgruppe would pursue, only to be met by an equally determined defense by the enemy.

Feeling the initiative slipping from our grasp, I ordered an all-out attack to be made against the enemy's main defensive line. This attack caught the enemy forming for another onslaught, spoiling their efforts and upsetting their timetable. The Kampfgruppe pushed the enemy back to their main lines, inflicting heavy casualties, but quickly stalled as the Red Demons rallied their fleeing troops and stabilized their defenses. Our attack was stopped on the verge of victory as the devils launched their own counter-attack. Our units were divided and driven back with heavy losses, barely escaping destruction in detail.

But amidst this reversal, Fortune smiled upon us. In the confusion, a small detachment of guripas, separated from the main body and attempting to evade decimation, soon found themselves behind the enemy's main line of resistance in close proximity of their Command Headquarters. Acting on their own initiative, these guripas seized the opportunity and launched a furious assault on the enemy HQ, taking it in a blaze of gunfire that caught the enemy completely unawares. It was this improptu attack that turned the tide of battle in our favor as this small detachment discovered and seized the enemy's codebooks, allowing us to anticipate their future movements. All members of this detachment have since been recommended and awarded the Iron Cross, 1st and 2nd Classes.

Although the battle had turned, it was not done. The enemy was quick to realize the consequences of losing their code books and launched a series of all-out attacks that proved to be the most violent and desperately fought of the day, even reaching as far as our own Headquarters before finally being stopped and thoroughly destroyed as they pillaged for food.

Regrouping quickly, we set-off in pursuit of the defeated enemy, meeting one last, desperate charge. We immediately formed a firing line and checked this final onslaught, leaving the field covered in enemy dead.

After a hard-fought day, we had inflicted a severe defeat upon the enemy.





Diego "Sucio" Martinez y Garza


250 Cia. Esquiadores

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