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After Action Reports

Battle of St. Gilles

Posted by "Sucio" on April 6, 2010 at 9:40 PM

After Action Report

Date: 7 Nov 2009

Location: Ottawa, KS

Event Type: Public Display

Reporting Officer: Johannes Collier, Sturmscharfuhrer, 11th SS “Nordland”



     German advance Recon Troops secured the town of St. Gilles and our anti tank unit set up its Guns, at which point the main body of the German force arrived in troop transport. While they dismounted and were taking positions within the town, a recon patrol lead by our brave comrades in the Spanish Blue Legion was sent across the river to the Farm of Pierre Cour. Shortly after crossing the river and entering the farm they ran into an American jeep-mounted patrol and came under heavy fire. As we did not want this American unit to report our positions, and to assist the Brave Spanish Volunteers, a counter attack was launched in the form of a well-practiced two pincher formation lead by the 11th SS and the 12th SS. The Allies tried to reinforce their patrol, but our forces were too good for them. The Americans suffered numerous dead and wounded and were driven from the farm.

     As our brave forces were occupying the farm, the Allies called in artillery and mortar fire, followed by an attack which included a machine-gun armed scout car pulling a 37mm gun. The artillery fire and attack forced our troops to do a well-disciplined fighting withdraw back to the town. As the Americans were setting up their 37 mm gun, our anti-tank guns and hidden troops, as well as our machine guns, prepared to fire. The American gun and infantry support were able to get off a few shots before our anti-tank and machine guns destroyed the scout car, the 37mm gun, and inflicted great harm on the Allied infantry who were forced to withdraw away from the river. Up to this point our brave forces had only suffered light losses.

     As we were firing on those Allied troops who had not withdrawn, they fought bravely but were no match for us, the Allies rained artillery and mortar fire on us causing the loss of many brave comrades . During the artillery fire the American Paratroops, infantry and British Commonwealth troops, supported by a vehicle mounted 40mm gun and a halftrack with a 50 caliber machine gun, attacked up the center and on both flanks. Our troops fought bravely but our anti-tank gun positions were taken out one by one. The massive amount of artillery and weapons fire, along with the overwhelming numbers of troops and equipment, inflicted heavy losses on our troops, who fought with great bravery. The Allies paid dearly for it but were able to take the town from us after the losses of many more comrades; whose loss will be surely missed in the hard days to come.

     Our troops fought and died bravely for the Fatherland and the few who were not wounded or killed withdrew to fight another day.



Johannes Collier

SS Sturmscharfuhrer

11th SS Nordland

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