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After Action Reports

River Battle, 2010

Posted by "Sucio" on April 25, 2010 at 7:05 PM

After Action Report

Date: 24 April 2010

Location: Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, MO

Event Type: Public Display

Reporting Officer: Antonio Fuentes de Trabajado, Sargento/Cabo 1o, 250 Cia. de Esquiadores


Forming into a Kampfgruppe with 1 LSSAH, 38 Jager and Fallschirmjagers, the guripas of 250 Ski Company pursued a recon element of British paratroopers through the woods surrounding a small farm. Our brave soldados pushed the paratroopers though the farmstead, taking the field and sustaining no casualties. 250 then occupied the farm house and made preparations for a counter attack. Meanwhile, elements of the 1 LSSAH started moving in and taking up positions in the outlying buildings, setting up their StuG and PaK 40 next to the farm house.

While 1 LSSAH were taking up positions, elements of the American 101st Airborne and the heathen Red Army began advancing through dragon’s teeth west of the farm. Our brave guripas soon became heavily engaged with the Soviet soldiers. Meanwhile, the American 101st began pressuring our left flank, taking an outlying building. The brave soldiers of the Wermacht quickly stalled that advance.

With this attack checked, the Allies started advancing the rest of their army. The remainder of 1 LSSAH arrived and reinforced the left flank. Filled with frustration, the godless Russians launched a human wave assault against the heroic 250 to dislodge them from their advantageous position. Within seconds, our brave guripas, in a hail of rifle fire, obliged the heathens and assisted them in dying for the Motherland.

The Allies were now advancing both armor and infantry to take the farmstead. On our left flank, they advanced a Stuart light tank along with two half-tracks mounting .50 caliber machine guns. Against the middle and right of our line rolled more half-tracks and infantry, including the British paratroopers. With the Stuart on the left flank, they began to push 1 LSSAH out of their defensive positions, knocking out the StuG with a bazooka shot from the rear. With the line collapsing, the brave Spanish guripas continued to fight as if nailed to the ground.

Their position quickly became untenable as another British element emerged on their right flank. Knowing that they were out-maneuvered, 250 launched a charge with shouts of “Santiago!” and “Viva la Muerte!” and nearly broke the Allied advance but were forced to withdraw with heavy casualties. Even though the Axis inflicted much damage upon the enemy, the day was not to be ours. Much of the Kampfgruppe managed to retreat to fight for the Fatherland another day.

Antonio Fuentes de Trabajado

Sargento/Cabo Primero

250 Cia. de Esquiadores

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