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After Action Reports

Battle of Sinyavin

Posted by "Sucio" on October 10, 2011 at 2:40 PM

After Action Report

Date: 8 October 2011

Location: Ft. Scott, KS

Event Type: Tactical

Reporting Officer: Diego Martinez y Garza ("Sucio"), Sargento , 250 Cia. de Esquiadores


The Red Devils once again attempted to breakthrough to the city of Leningrad and relieved their all-but-defeated comrades. But the communist heathens met the brave guripas of Division Azul and soldaten of 38 Jager.

The engagement began as Soviet 44th Guards Division and local partisans attempted to infiltrate and cut our supply lines. The threat was immediately met by 250 Cia. de Esquiadores and a company of German Jagers. Sporadic fighting erupted in the nearby woods as the enemy proved to be elusive and uncharacteristically cunning. Using hit-and-run tactics, the enemy inflicted serious casualties on our brave soldados, attacking in the most unexpected places and often surrounding small units of guripas and soldaten, only to fade away again into the forest when resistance became too tough.

By midday, the infiltrators had been defeated and the Company received orders to lead the Division's counterattack and drive the Godless demons off the field. With our German comrades in 38 Jager, the Company pitched into the main Soviet attack with the elan and spirit of Cortes and Pizarro. Unable to withstand such a heavy blow, the enemy fell back, but not without putting up stiff resistance. Small groups of determined and die-hard Guardsmen and partisans continued to harass and delay our advance but were eventually overrun and destroyed.

As the day ended, the enemy was in full retreat and our intial lines were firmly reestablished. A full-scale pursuit was not feasible as our casualties were significant, allowing the Red Beasts to escape.

Actual numbers of enemy casualties prove difficult to determine, but based on reports received as the fighting went on, they undoubtedly were heavy as they failed to cut the supply lines for any significant length of time, followed by their main attack being violently thrown back by our counterattack.

Unfortunately, however, the Red Scum did manage to disrupt supplies long enough to cause some concern. However brief their initial success, it is possible they did capture some vital intelligence regarding our communications capabilities.

Diego Martinez y Garza ("Sucio")


250 Cia. de Esquiadores

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