Ski Company, 250 "Division Azul"

A World War II Living History organization depicting the Spanish Volunteer Division that fought on the Eastern Front.

Uniforms & Equipment

Basic Uniform 

Helmet: M35 or M40 w/Spanish shield on the right side

Soft cap: M34 "overseas" cap (required); red beret (optional)

Tunic: M36 or M40 w/eagle over the right breast pocket, litzen on the collar, & Spanish shield on the upper right sleeve

Shirt: standard German service shirt in blue (required), tan, or khaki

Trousers: M37 or M40 w/suspenders

Boots: ankle boots w/leggings

Field Gear

Minimum: Y-straps; Black waist belt w/Heer buckle; Canteen; Bread bag; Ammo pouches; Mess tins, weapon

Complete: All Minimum requirements; Gas mask w/canister; proper bayonet w/scabbard; E-tool w/carrier; A-frame pack; shelter-quarter w/stakes & poles; Stielgranate ("potato masher")

Optional: Personal items such as towels, scarves, gloves, Soldbuch, ID tags, blanket,        bota (wineskin)


Rifles: Mauser 98k (preferred); Mosin-Nagant (acceptable); G43 (acceptable at tacticals)

Sub-machine guns: MP40, PPSh

Machine guns: MG34, MG42

Sidearms: any German, Russian, or American sidearm is acceptable for officers and NCOs.